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  1. Please, could you make a “Drinking” video, or “Let’s talk Whiskey/Vodka”. I
    would love to hear you whispering and drinking.
    Or that video about the chess game in your iPad Mini, that you talked about
    in the iPad Unboxing.


  2. If your looking at what camera to get I would see what other ASMR artists
    video quality you like and ask them what they use. 😉 I’m sure they’d give
    you lot of useful info about issues they may have run into, things unique
    to make ASMR vids that you may want to consider.

    Have a great day thanks for the video. Do you think it’s the same to loss
    of a job? Get back at it? 

  3. I feel like my depression would go away if my doctor hadn’t taken my drugs
    away (apparently going through 30 days of medication in 14 is a bad thing,
    who knew…).

    This is probably a bad feeling to have.

  4. You remind me so much of my Papa that passed a few years ago. It always
    made me tingle watching him do things with his pocket knife. Brings back
    very good memories! I hope you continue to make videos, they’re wonderful!

  5. Your advice is very thoughtful and realistic. It’s so wonderful that you
    took the time to reflect and reply to the subscriber’s question, and then
    to share it with us all too.

  6. Hey RelaxingASMR. I’ve been a long-time fan! I wanted to say that I picked
    up a Lamy Safari and a Moleskine notebook and I couldn’t be happier with
    the results. I’ve been writing a Memoir that I plan to one day give to one
    of my male heirs as a book of advice and experience. Keep up the great work
    as always.

    ~ A fellow ASMR Artist

  7. Update: 12-26-2013
    Recently, after this video was posted, I’ve heard back from the person that
    originally asked for my advice concerning love-loss. I’m happy to report
    that things have improved quite a bit for this person, but I’m not
    surprised. They took to heart my message that pain is part of life, and
    accepting that the world doesn’t revolve oneself, and that our own positive
    interactions with other people not only helps make someone else’s life a
    bit more bearable, it has the type of healing affect on our own heart that
    can’t be duplicated simply by the passage of time. With the sender’s
    permission, below is an excerpt from their most recent message to me:
    “Since we last spoke things have improved. I read your emails over several
    times and realized that it was exactly what I needed to hear. Indeed I was
    too wrapped up in my own life and over the summer slowly came to realize
    that suffering is, unfortunately, a part of life and rather than spending
    my life getting over past suffering and waiting until the next one, I began
    to live like as it was intended: live today like it is your last day. Now I
    am not suggesting I went crazy and spent myself into debt or did things I
    normally wouldn’t do but instead felt like I was living my life instead of
    trying to surviving it.

    I feel like since June I have become more emphatic. I’ve become more
    cognizant of what others are going through and I have committed myself to
    try to do at least one nice thing to someone a day. It turns out it is very
    hard to do JUST one nice thing a day as I feel like I am doing more and
    more each day. You are 100% correct that by helping others you are indeed
    helping yourself.” 

  8. You seem to be a very interesting person! Thanks for making these videos.
    I would also like you too do a wishkey review or something like that! 🙂
    Keep up the good work! 

  9. Hello :), I would like to thank you very much for your videos. I like your
    voice and very relaxing talking style. You mentioned that you are recently
    thinking about upgradeing your camera. I would like to point out that for
    me what is most important as ASMR trigger is the sound. From my experiences
    from this and other videos I can tell that people which using so called
    binural mics have great ASMR effects and the picture is not so important.
    Wish you all the best. Peter from Slovakia

  10. Hi relaxing asmr. I know this video is old, but I’ve been watching a lot
    these last couple days. My girlfriend of nearly 3 1/2 years is virtually
    breaking up with me. She has exams coming up soon which I can understand
    that stress, but right now we are on a “separated break” which includes no
    contact and having all the negative things that come with being single. I
    am only 21 years old and I know I am still young, but I thought this girl
    was the one. I would’ve happily dropped anything for her and would’ve done
    anything for her (still would). The thing that’s fully putting me into
    depression is that even though we will be meeting up on friday the 9th of
    May, I have visions of us getting back together and I have stronger visions
    of us never getting back together ever again. I just want that one chance
    to show her how different things are now, but I don’t think that’ll ever
    happen. Anyway, I just wanted to know what you thought. I am happy if you
    wanted to make a video from this as well.



  11. I am currently going through pretty dramatic love loss, and this, my good
    sir, I feel will help tremendously! Thank you so much for your slightly
    harsh but inspiring words 🙂 I can feel my heart is breaking, but I can see
    a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

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