25 thoughts on “Dealing with Stress! | Ask Anna”

  1. I am pregnant 32 weeks with a baby girl and have a 2 yr old and 5 yr old
    and wow am I struggling I am hoping that when she gets here it goes back to
    being sire 

  2. I don’t understand why parents don’t let their kids shave? is it because
    they don’t want them to use a shaver incase they cut themselves? 

  3. Great video Anna. Ive been watching you for a good couple of years now and
    it still sometimes throws me that your a mom of two! You have grown and
    changed so much and its just been lovely to watch. Hope all goes well the
    new house and the move, your little family deserves all the happiness in
    the world x 

  4. You can tell you are feeling soooo much better than you were during the
    last of the pregnancy. You seem to really be at ease too…being a mommy
    sure agrees with you!!! =}

  5. Hi Anna, I hope you reply to my message!!! I need to know what kind
    illuminizer you use!! In the description you have illuminizer in stardust
    but I can’t find it anywhere!!!!!! ;( can you please,please tell me where
    can I get it? Is beautiful I need it in my life!!!! 😉 please!!!!!!

  6. I love Yankee candles and vanilla cupcake is really good!^^ this is such a
    good video I love it 🙂 I film videos too it would mean a lot to me if you
    could come check it out.

  7. What exactly is a disco over there? In the U.S. it refers to an old
    schooled (kind of cheesy,) full of lights type of party.. is it the same
    deal there?

  8. Have you written down your recent recipes you have cooked? I would really
    love to try the spinach pasta you cooked and the vegetarian pasta bake
    looks delicious too. Where could I find them? 

  9. +TheStyleDiet
    Talking about the perfect life:
    Look at Charles and Alli Trippy (CTFxC) They lived the perfect life!! And
    now they are divorcing..

  10. I totally agree with Anna about the bedtime for the babies. I always had a
    set bedtime for my kids when they were little. It is good for kids to learn
    routine and they also need a lot more sleep when they are growing. Plus us
    mommys need alone time as well to have a bath or just be with our hubbies!
    I love Anna and Jonathan, they are such a sweet couple.

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