12 thoughts on “Tyra Banks Show – Postpartum Depression”

  1. i think i have had postpartum depression for years…i think it all started
    from an emergency csection and me feeling like a failure as a ‘woman’ after

  2. I’m 22 with two kids under 5 .. N honestly I think I have this .. I think
    about hurting myself everyday .. I love my kids n Id never let harm come to
    them , or I hurt them but sometimes I feel like iam young n with no social
    contact or no breaks I kinda wanna b free from it all .. Can some one who
    understands talk to me about what it is I can do to stop this. I didnt let
    anyone know till now n its a burden I dont wanna live with :'(

  3. I think I have this but I dont wanna harm my kids more like my self .. I
    have no social life nor do I receive breaks I understand when babies come u
    not obligated to get breaks but a break here n there is all I ask n I dont
    soo i wanna free myself from this pain n the only way is death 😡 ..

  4. I had a very serious case of postpartum depression. I had a very difficult
    delivery and recovery. I had help taking care of my son the first two
    months but after that I was on my own. I felt like the worst person in the
    world and it was taking a huge toll on all aspects of my life. When my son
    was 8 months old I had to get help. My baby is 11 months now and we have a
    great relationship now. To all moms feeling distress please speak up and
    get help. I know how hard it is but sometimes speaking up and telling
    someone how you feel will help feel so much better.

  5. i had post partum depression very bad i thought i hated my baby and other
    terrible thoughts but i told someone thats the first step and i was
    terrified they would think i was crazy for a while so did i . this wasnt me
    i knew that

  6. but i knew thatand i told a nurse and she knew the signs thank god my son
    is 23 years old now back then i thought i would never be the same but it
    does pass i had it for one year before i began fealling normal

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