16 thoughts on “Overcoming Exhaustion, Stress and Overwhelm! Interview with Elwin Robinson!”

  1. Hi everyone! I’ve found really interesting the conversation. I’m not an
    english speaker so I need a little help. I want to know the name of the
    herb that Angela has shown that she has been using the last days having
    some amazing changes. It comes in a little bottle: something like Marine
    Phytoplankton??? Thanks a lot.

  2. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you guys! As a mother of 2 little ones (17
    months apart), I have felt so “depleted”, yet continue to “power through
    it” or “soldier on”, and have realized that I have been so very hard on
    myself for being so depleted. Your teachings tonight have given me goose
    bumps, and literally brought tears to my eyes, I’m really thankful for this
    information. You both have such an ease about you, and are so easy to
    listen to. I will download this book tonight, and look forward to deeper
    healing. I am so excited to approach my story from a more eastern
    perspective, and I’m sure my kiddos and husband will thank you, too. Warm
    Regards from Vancouver Island xo

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